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GTA's Leading Baseball Training Academy

About Us

It was a passion for baseball that led to the creation of The Baseball Zone. Our elite, indoor baseball training complex provides and fosters an understanding and love for this game like at no other facility. It is designed to be a welcoming home for baseball and softball players of all ages and playing levels. We employ the very best training philosophies, equipment, and staff to fully assist our athletes in reaching their goals while maintaining a sporting atmosphere that will add to the enjoyment of baseball for everyone that comes through our doors. We will also make every visit to The Baseball Zone a friendly, invigorating experience for all players young and old, from novice to pro. We guarantee a challenging and learning experience that will bring them back again and again.

- Rick Johnston, Mike & Nicole Tevlin - Principals of The Baseball Zone

Our Facility

The Baseball Zone is Canada's most comprehensive indoor baseball and softball training facility. At 15,000 square feet, we have the latest and best equipment available, to provide the ultimate atmosphere for improving your game. We also have the best instructional staff in the country, led by Head Instructor Rick Johnston, one of Canada's most respected teachers of the game. There are also other amenities such as our lounge area and viewing mezzanine that make The Baseball Zone your # 1 choice for all your baseball and softball needs.

Our features include:

  • The latest technology in  artificial turf providing the safest and most realistic indoor surface

  • Eight state-of-the-art retractable batting cages, each equipped with pro-level L-screens

  • Two Iron Mike Pitching Machines capable of holding up to 600 balls

  • Three 70' long runs for live pitching to hitters

  • Flexible Open Field space for defense and pitching

  • Four of the cages can be retracted to allow for a second fielding area or one giant field space

  • Double barrel bullpen area, convertible to live hitting

  • Six portable pro indoor pitching mounds

  • Netting everywhere - extremely safe environment not only for training but also viewing

  • Comfortable lounge area with TV and satellite

  • Viewing mezzanine with lockers available, TV and satellite

The Baseball Zone Facility

Our Pitching Machines

The Baseball Zone is equipped with one Iron Mikes - the newest and best pitching machines available on the market. These arm-style machines are hopper-fed with no need for manual feeding and pitch up to 600 balls in the course of one hour. With each pitch you see the machine's arm wind up and release the ball. It is the realistic nature of the machine that allows you to practice the same fundamentals in the batting cages as you use on the field.

The Baseball Zone pitching machines

Our Batting Cages

The Baseball Zone is equipped with the largest and best batting cages available on the market. They provide a complete training space for hitting off pitching machines or throwing live batting practice.

Eight fully retractable cages all include:

  • Professional hitting mats for the best footing possible

  • Batting tees for needed solitary work before seeing live pitching

  • Heavy-duty L-screens for full protection during front toss or live batting practice

  • Batter's eye behind pitcher for easy ball tracking

  • 50% stronger gauging than standard commercial netting

  • 18' height making them also ideal for Slo-Pitch

Three fully retractable 70' cages:

  • Size permits true live-action and accommodates a pro mound, pitcher, L-screen, hitter, and catcher

  • One long cage is enormous at 72' in length, 22' wide, and 18' high. It features a rubberized flooring that echos the crack of a bat. Players love hitting and pitching in the area. We call it The Bullpen!

Four fully retractable 40' cages:

  • Each equipped with L-screens, batting Ts and bulls eye hitting targets for ball flight and trajectory visuals

Two Iron Mike Pitching machines:

  • 600 balls per hour capacity

  • Hopper-fed arm-style wind up and release

  • Adjustable velocity

  • Balls are lower durometer to preserve bat durability

The Baseball Zone Cages

Our Artificial Turf

The Baseball Zone is equipped with the latest technology in artificial turf. Used in all NFL turfed stadiums, most CFL stadiums and at Tropicana Field, the home of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Real grass length and padded with silicon infill, it provides the ultimate in safety and true playing conditions

Our space:

  • 12,000 square feet of artificial turf

  • 12 tons of silicon infill

Our turf has the following advantages:

  • Safest turf available

  • Feels and plays like natural grass with consistent performance

  • Extremely durable with no wear-down effect

The Baseball Zone artificial turf

Rules and Regulations

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