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Proud to be one of Canada's premier baseball academies, this summer we'd like to invite all baseball players (female and male) to come to The Baseball Zone for an honest-to-goodness evaluation. Our dedicated team will objectively identify your areas of strength and areas of opportunity at no cost or obligation. It is our mission to encourage all ballplayers to participate in skill development no matter at what facility they may choose to practice and learn.

There are many excellent options for your training, but The Baseball Zone invites comparison with other baseball training facilities to highlight our abilities as successful, dedicated coaches of the game.


Either players that are completely new to The Baseball Zone or haven't been here for a couple of years.Why don't we extend this to current/recent players? Well, because in all of our programs, our athletes are already receiving ongoing, objective evaluations - more than just a quick "Ya, he's doing great!". They already know where they stand and where they have opportunities to improve.


A one-time FREE 30-minute evaluation session of the skill of your choice - Hitting, Pitching, Fielding or Catching.Why only one skill? Well, in the time we have together we want to focus on the one main area you either have the most interest in or on which you think you need the most work.


Every athlete deserves an honest assessment of where they stand and where their next steps should be focused before considering any new program.


By breaking down player development into its fundamental technical, mental, physical and tactical components. By giving focused attention to detail, self-discipline, mental toughness and a tireless work ethic from both coaches and players. By providing athlete-centred programs in a fun, disciplined atmosphere helping each player become the best they can be.

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