Facility Rules and Regulations

General Terms and Conditions

  • 1. All fees must be paid in full prior to the first date of any training time unless otherwise agreed to in writing by The Baseball Zone Inc. (TBZ).

  • 2. Each individual or team participating in training at TBZ's facility or any off-site facility being utilized by TBZ (the "Facility") must submit a fully executed waiver form, either directly or as part of a registration package forwarded to TBZ by the team's organizer, prior to the use of the Facility.

  • 3. All fees paid to TBZ are non-refundable. Registrants shall not be permitted to pay pro-rated fees unless otherwise agreed to in writing by TBZ. Cancellations due to weather are at the sole discretion of TBZ as are any resulting make-up dates.

  • 4. TBZ will periodically photograph activities at the Facility that may result in photographs of patrons later appearing in promotional materials or on its website. Use of the Facility constitutes consent to being photographed at the Facility and also consent to the subsequent use of that image by TBZ.

  • 5. Anyone entering the batting cages must wear a CSA-approved helmet. Anyone throwing batting practice and/or pitching to batters must situate themselves behind a protective L-screen. Only once behind such screen shall that person be allowed to remove their helmet. Anyone participating in batting cage activity releases TBZ from any and all liability that results from their actions, use of the equipment or the actions of any other person in the batting cage.

  • 6. A maximum of two people are allowed in any batting station at any time. These two people are: (a) a batter wearing a CSA-approved helmet; and (b) a pitcher throwing behind a protective L-screen.

  • 7. Balls hit during soft toss and tee drills must be hit into the designated surfaces and direction.

  • 8. TBZ can provide coaches at the prevailing fee. Otherwise, teams must have their own coach/parent/volunteer(s) present at all times who is/are responsible for the supervision and activity of the team and members.

  • 9. TBZ is a scheduled facility. Please do not enter your prescribed area until your scheduled start time. Teams using the Facility must cease all baseball and softball activities at least five (5) minutes before their scheduled finish time to clean up equipment and return the prescribed area to its original state. This includes, but is not limited to, placing all dimpled balls back into their respective pitching-machine hoppers, returning L-screens to their proper place, and returning all baseballs and softballs to the TBZ office.

  • 10. Prescribed time includes training, clean up, adjustment of machines and any other repair, maintenance or alteration requested by the participants. Early starting times and/or extended usage times are at the sole discretion of TBZ.

  • 11. Players, coaches and all other team representatives must leave their equipment either in their prescribed training area or in the mezzanine area. No equipment is to be left in any other area. Equipment placed in the lobby and/or walkways/corridors will be placed in the mezzanine area by TBZ representatives. TBZ will have no responsibility for any lost, misplaced, or stolen items or equipment.

  • 12. It is suggested that arrival at the Facility occurs no more than fifteen (15) minutes prior to scheduled use of the Facility and that departure occurs no more than fifteen (15) minutes following scheduled use of the Facility. Prior to and immediately after scheduled time, all equipment must be taken either to the mezzanine area or remain outside the Facility and all players/coaches/parents must await their scheduled time either in the mezzanine area or the lounge area.

  • 13. Machines are not to be touched under any circumstances by anyone other than TBZ representatives, unless specifically allowed by TBZ. Anyone touching any machine(s) without the specific prior consent of TBZ shall be liable for all damage resulting from their actions.

  • 14. No person may enter or participate in any activity in or upon any training area without first having submitted a signed waiver form to TBZ. By entering the Facility, each team's representative hereby certifies that all players and coaches have submitted a signed waiver form to TBZ and assumes full responsibility for any such failure.

  • 15. Each person and team using the services and/or facility of TBZ shall allow TBZ to publicize the achievements of their individual and team performances in its facility and/or on its website.


  • 1. No food of any type may be brought into the training area.

  • 2. No gum or chewing tobacco may be chewed while inside the Facility.

  • 3. Cigarettes and other tobacco products are prohibited inside the Facility.

  • 4. No drinks of any type may be brought into the training area other than water. All other drinks are prohibited due to potential damage caused to the artificial turf.


  • 1. Sneakers and turf shoes are the only footwear items allowed in the training area. No metal or molded cleats are allowed. Each person violating this rule shall be responsible for all resultant damage.


  • 1. No discourteous behaviour or arguing with players or representatives of TBZ will be tolerated at the Facility. No fighting of any type shall be permitted. Anyone violating this rule shall be subject to immediate expulsion without refund.

  • 2. No spitting is permitted within the indoor portion of the Facility. Anyone violating this rule shall be subject to immediate expulsion without refund.

  • 3. No jewelry may be worn while participating in any training activity.

  • 4. No person may pull, hang onto or harm any of the netting in the batting cages and/or surrounding the training area.

  • 5. No person may cause damage to the walls, insulation, machines, lights or any other fixture of the Facility, other than that caused by generally permitted training activities.

  • 6. No person may pull on or attempt to remove turf fibres from the artificial turf.

  • 7.Any person causing damage to the Facility shall be held accountable to reimburse TBZ, in full, for all repair and/or replacement expenses arising from such conduct prior to subsequent participation at the Facility.

  • 8. Parents and other spectators are encouraged to view activities through the netting and/or from the mezzanine area or other area specifically designated by TBZ. Spectators are prohibited from viewing from all other areas. Spectators (as opposed to players and coaches that have submitted a signed waiver form to TBZ) are not permitted in the training areas.

  • 9. Coaches/parents/participants are responsible for ensuring that all waste/garbage generated by them (including any minors accompanying them and any individuals/groups under their direction or control) is removed from the training area and placed in the appropriate receptacles prior to leaving the training area.

  • 10. Coaches/parents are responsible for the behaviour and conduct of all minors accompanying them to the Facility, whether, in the case of coaches, such responsibility relates to participants on their team or their own children (as the case may be) or, in the case of parents, to minors accompanying them to the Facility. Such vicarious responsibility includes insuring that all rules and regulations of TBZ are respected and obeyed and they assume responsibility for all damage which results from the improper actions of such minors.

  • 11. The television in the lounge area of TBZ is to be touched only by representatives of TBZ.

  • 12. TBZ reserves the sole right to cancel or reschedule any scheduled event within a reasonable time frame.

  • 13. No running or the throwing or kicking of any balls or any other object(s) whatsoever is permitted in any of the interior areas of TBZ other than those used in generally accepted training drills within the training area.

  • 14. The parking lot and any area outside the building at TBZ may not be utilized for anything other than parking vehicles (i.e. no playing catch, skateboarding, etc.). Any person violating this regulation shall be subject to immediate expulsion and shall be personally and/or vicariously liable for any damage caused to any person or property.

  • 15. Parking is only allowed on the parking area of the TBZ premises. Street parking and adjacent lots are not to be used and any damage or penalties arising from such occurrences is strictly at the risk of the owner of the vehicle.

  • 16. TBZ has no responsibility whatsoever for any personal belongings that are lost, disappear or may be stolen from the TBZ premises.

  • 17. TBZ reserves the right to assess and collect damages from any persons who violate any rules and/or regulations of the Facility or cause damage to any person or property. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the conduct of minors.

  • 18. Any person unwilling to comply with the rules and regulations of TBZ may be denied access to, and may not be entitled to any refunds from, TBZ.


  • 1. All persons using any Facility of TBZ hereby acknowledge and agree that any and all use of the Facility shall be at their sole risk. They further acknowledge and agree that participation in training and developmental programs provided by TBZ and all related activities involves an inherent risk of physical injury to themselves or any invitee, they assume all such risk and they hereby release and forever discharge TBZ and all employees, contractors, directors, agents affiliates, subsidiaries or assigns thereof from any and all liability whatsoever, arising from and/or by reason of any and all known or unknown, foreseen and/or unforeseen bodily and personal injuries, damage to property and consequences resulting from participation in or involvement with this program or otherwise, with only the exception of those direct, known and foreseen personal injuries resulting from the gross negligence of TBZ, or any of it's employees, consultants, directors, agents, affiliates, subsidiaries or assigns.


  • 1. TBZ reserves the right to amend these Rules and Regulations at any time and in any way that it, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate. Following any and all such change, each person and team shall be deemed to consent to any and all amendments to these Rules and Regulations by their or its continued use of the facility after such change has been made. TBZ shall use its best efforts to post a current set of these Rules and Regulations on its website for review by persons and teams prior to use and shall have copies of the applicable Rules and Regulations available for review at the Facility prior to use.


Rules and Regulations