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Ian Bala
The Baseball Zone Coach and Terriers Pitching Coordinator

Blending the ART of Pitching with the SCIENCE of Biomechanics


222.jpgDr. Carmine Filice
Leading Sports Science and strength training expert of The Performance Lab
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Driveline, The Armoury, Tread Athletics, Texas Baseball Ranch, and Lantz Wheeler, what do they all have in common? 


They have dedicated their time and resources to help players develop their skills to a higher level.  

The Performance Lab and The Baseball Zone have used all the best training principles from these industry leaders to create a unique and advanced program:  the SMART Velo Project.


With industry-leading technology, SMART Project athletes get access to Force Plate testing and/or 3D motion capture, and bring the advantage of Sports Science to their development.  

Get truly customized access to the best pitching coaches and training principles and raise your game to the next level.


Every off-season we find that one of a pitcher's primary goals is to increase velocity.  The SMART Velo Project uses a scientific approach to not only improve velocity in players but also reduce injury risk and increase body stability.

At The Performance Lab, aspiring pitchers wanting to reach the next level and beyond will be tested with force plate technology to help learn where explosiveness issues are rooted and will be put through a series of motion capture video tests using 3D Technology. Dr. Carm Filice who’s trained numerous MLB players says “Three dimensions is the secret. The 2D cameras that are being used everywhere else just don’t provide you with the ability to see the sequences and timing of the athlete and how their nervous system produces force”

The more time The Baseball Zone spends with Carm and The Performance Lab, the more we are convinced that the integration of both sets of expertise is a must in the industry. The heavy ball has received an inordinate amount of attention of late in terms of gaining velocity for young pitchers. Now we can take a measured approach to this concept and combine it with our scientific method for long-term strength, mechanics and health. With this data and Coach Ian Bala's deep dive into the different philosophies of pitching training that are prominent in today's game, this program will optimize any athlete's performance.

Velocity can not occur unless injury risk is low and stability is high. In training pitchers we have noticed that the following variables have contributed most to velocity increases:

· Stability of the front leg and amount of knee flexion at ball release
· Front foot position at ball release
· Torso stability and deceleration
· Stride length
· The separation and creation of true rotation
· Total force output and foot contacts

By using 3D Motion Capture and 3D Ground Force Reaction plates we are able to determine where each player is weak and leaking efficiency. Through this program's personalized throwing and lifting programs, injury risk can be reduced and velocity can be increased.

PROGRAM SUMMARY - November 8th  - March 7th

TBZ Sessions:

· Juniors (12-15) Every Tuesday 5 PM - 6 PM

· Seniors (16-18) Every Tuesday 6 PM - 7 PM

Performance Lab Session:

· Flexible, will be scheduled after sign up

Strength Training / Practice Sessions:

· Flexible, will be scheduled after sign up


· Juniors (12-15) - $949 + HST / month

· Seniors (16-18) - $1149 + HST / month

· Terriers and High-Performance Players' Special Rates (inquire within)

Performance Lab

Juniors (12-15):

· Monthly force plate testing and movement analysis

· Athlete profiling (determining what kind of athlete you are and what movement patterns work for your body)

· Programming (workout programs) based on testing to maximize individual performance

· “not ever athlete has the same strengths, weaknesses, or needs, so we individualize each program to maximize every athletes output both now and in the future”

· Supervised workouts by internationally renowned athletic trainers

Seniors (16-18):

· All junior benefits

· 3D motion capture testing

· More advanced analytics

· More information for programming, movement analysis, and baseball coaching

· More intensive and advanced workouts for faster improvement and better strength/movement gains

The Baseball Zone (Juniors & Seniors)

· Personalized coaching with Ian Bala (or another Baseball Zone coach) once per week

· Individual Goals Assessment and planning to reach goals

· Coaching based on Performance Lab advanced metrics and movement analysis

· Use of Rapsodo for pitch design and development

· Use of Plyo and med balls to train movement patterns

· Instructions for at-home drills/personal homework

· Frequent testing for progress

Past SMART Project Participants

Ben Abram
Oklahoma University NCAA D1
Luca    Alagheband
Harvard University NCAA D1 (Commit)
Zach Bayfield
Oberlin College NCAA D3
Liam Carey
Muskingum University NCAA D3
Bennett Duncan
Campbell Ellis
Andrew Giorno
Adrian College NCAA D3
Andrew Haynes
Shippensberg University NCAA D2
Michael   Manning
Tiffin University NCAA D2
Kyle Nash
D’Youville College NCAA D2
Hugh Pinkney
Rutgers University NCAA D1 (Drafted by San Diego Padres)
Sebastian    Santos
Zach Saufl
Vangaurd University NAIA
Jordan Woods
Kansas City Royals MiLB
Sam Worthen
Wilson College NCAA D3


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