The Baseball Zone Indoor Training Facility Toronto

15,000 SQ FEET. Fully equipped. indoor. outdoor


Spring/Summer Flex Pack Baseball Clinics - Daily Drop-in clinics to help you get the most out of your 2019 season

NEW!!!  Summer Camp schedule released - Mississauga, Etobicoke, Georgetown Camps, plus lots of great indoor indoor options

OUTDOOR High Performance Camp - 3 Day Camp at the fully turfed field @ King's Christian Collegiate that you won't want to miss!!!

High Performance Program ages 13-17 If you eat and breathe baseball - Try a FREE Demo

Future Stars Program ages 9-12 If you eat and breathe baseball - Try a FREE Demo

Private Lessons - The ultimate option in personalized development plans (all ages, young & "experienced").

Using our Space and Batting Cages - Individual and Family memberships to train on your own or with some friends. Day Passes available (all ages). See our Drop-in Hours

SST's Baseball Academy -  Maximize your strength, power and speed this off-season. Personalized for the serious athlete (ages 13+).

Inseason Baseball Strength & Conditioning -  Maintain peak performance and injury free for your baseballl season (all ages)

FAST memberships for Speed and Agility with Canada's # 1 Speed Training Pros (ages 8-12)

Team Training Program -Instructional, rental & sports performance - and budgeting. We can even come to your diamond this summer. Try a Free Team Demo Session with your team and see what The Baseball Zone is all about.