Ryan Armstrong
Reknowned pitching mentor of The Baseball Zone

Blending the ART of Pitching with the SCIENCE of Biomechanics


222.jpgDr. Carmine Filice
Leading Sports Science and strength training expert of The Performance Lab

At The Performance Lab, aspiring pitchers wanting to reach the next level and beyond will be tested with force plate technology to help learn where explosiveness issues are rooted and will be put through a series of motion capture video tests using 3D Technology. Dr. Filice who’s trained numerous MLB players says “Three dimensions is the secret. The 2D cameras that are being used everywhere else just don’t provide you with ability to see the sequences and timing of the athlete and how their nervous system produces force”.

Aiding Carm in the analysis of this extremely technical feedback is Kait Jackson. A former NCAA Division 1 athlete, Kait has become one of N. America’s most sought-after biomechanists. Like Ryan Armstrong and Carm, she has worked with a long list of both pro and Olympic athletes

with results that must be seen to be believed. “Kait can take input from Army and me and very quickly refine it to a finer level of detail that allows us to tackle the right issues without any guesswork. She is a trainer’s dream and we are really fortunate to have her involvement in The Smart Velo Project”.

The more time Ryan Armstrong spent with Carm and Kait, the more he became convinced that the integration of both sets of expertise was a must in the industry. “The heavy ball has received an inordinate amount of attention of late in terms of gaining velocity for young pitchers. When we got the chance to take a measured approach to this concept and combine it with our scientific method for long term strength, mechanics and health, we jumped!”

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